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Giving back to our community through V.I.P.S.

Giving back to our community through V.I.P.S.
Did you know that we have a group of 24 amazing individuals here at the Pleasanton Police Department who voluntarily assist in a variety of patrol and administrative tasks?

Last year, the Pleasanton Police Volunteers in Police Services (V.I.P.S.) helped staff many of the special events we have here in Pleasanton and they conducted nearly 1,550 patrol checks in Pleasanton neighborhoods. Members of the VIPS program perform countless duties and are invaluable to the department. Their collective effort dramatically increases the effectiveness of the police department.

Last year, our VIPs accounted for the more than 7,228 hours of volunteer service. That equals the hours of 3.5 full time employees! Giving back and connecting with our community is something we all strive for! 

Looking to give back to our local Law Enforcement?

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